A vibrant new novel from Penelope Lively

A wry, wise story about the surprising ways lives intersect.

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When Charlotte Rainsford, a retired schoolteacher, is accosted by a petty thief on a London street, the consequences ripple across the lives of acquaintances and strangers alike. A marriage unravels after an illicit love affair is revealed through an errant cell phone message; a posh yet financially strapped interior designer meets a business partner who might prove too good to be true; an old-guard historian tries to recapture his youthful vigor with an ill-conceived idea for a TV miniseries; and a middle-aged central European immigrant learns to speak English and reinvents his life with the assistance of some new friends.

Through a richly conceived and colorful cast of characters, Penelope Lively explores the powerful role of chance in people's lives and deftly illustrates how our paths can be altered irrevocably by someone we will never even meet. Brought to life in her hallmark graceful prose and full of keen insights into human nature, How It All Began is an engaging, contemporary tale that is sure to strike a chord with her legion of loyal fans as well as new readers. A writer of rare wisdom, elegance, and humor, Lively is a consummate storyteller whose gifts are on full display in this masterful work.

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Praise for How It All Began

"One of our most talented writers has written an elegant, witty work of fiction, deceptively simple, emotionally and intellectually penetrating, the kind of novel that brings a plot to satisfying closure but whose questions linger long afterward in the reader's mind." -The New York Times Book Review

"The ever-productive, ever-graceful Penelope Lively returns to several pet themes-memory, history and the powerful role of happenstance in reshaping lives-with a fresh and charming novel. . . . She has provided a golden passport that will sweep you through the border control of other people's lives." -The Washington Post

"A vital new novel . . . Writing with her usual poise and cutting cinematically from one character's story to another's, Ms. Lively elegantly orchestrates these events while using them as a setup for another series of developments. . . . As she's done in so many earlier books, Ms. Lively writes with an astringent blend of sympathy and detachment, emotional wisdom and satiric wit, and the result, here, is a Chekhovian tale that's entertaining, even funny on the surface, but ultimately melancholy in its awareness of time and lost opportunities, its characters' apprehension of mortality and the limits to their dreams."-Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

"In this mischievous novel, Lively traces the genealogy of randomness that messes up the lives of strangers. . . . Moving skillfully between streams-of-consciousness and a wry omniscient voice, Lively investigates her characters' motives and afterthoughts with precision and tenderness. The happy ending is deceptively simple - the novel not only establishes that beginnings and endings are arbitrary points on a time line of unintended consequences but also hints at the profound mystery with which life untangles itself. The most trenchant insights are those about growing old."-The New Yorker

"The masterful and prolific Penelope Lively has traced several decades of social change in England in comic novels that capture the edginess and nuance of human behavior with wit and empathy. Sentence by sentence she is superb - crisp, clear, pared to the essence. She seems preternaturally alert to the echoes of the past in the clamorous present and perennially fresh in her themes. . . . How It All Began is another virtuoso performance, our spectacle, in almost real time. I found it even more delightful a second time through, appreciating once more the elegance of Lively's design, the grace notes of thematic underpinning shining through - and yes, the shadowy presence of that mugger. . . . In her own late 70s now, with a legion of regular readers and newcomers with every book, Lively continues to surprise and illuminate, writing to ever more dazzling effect." -The Boston Globe

"Marvelous . . . a spellbinding surprise . . . How It All Began is a revelation. While Lively's novels always feature intelligent people who use their brains to negotiate their way through a complex and sometimes perilous world, How It All Began is also about feeling. . . . Lively reminds us of the earnest, obtuse fumbling that constitutes most of what happens in a human life, the coincidences and accidents that are as much in charge as are the explicit decisions. . . . Every small twist in the road in this superbly well-plotted novel sheds ever-widening concentric rings of consequences." -Chicago Tribune

"The idea of human choice vs. fate lies at the core of much fiction. Penelope Lively, one of England's most talented novelists and a writer whose works combine narrative intensity and artistic control, has explored this notion repeatedly. . . . Lively's novel is skillfully constructed, with a thoroughly engaging plot. It also has much to say about the role of chance in human affairs, the aging process and the importance of memories." -The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Lively is a consummate storyteller who once again illuminates the ways that the vagaries of chance bring powerful alteration to the ordinary plans of ordinary people. . . . The characters in this novel are, each and all, well drawn and fully conceived. . . . Everyone in this elegantly told tale is connected by chance and the power of story." -The Seattle Times

"Startling and soothing, uncommonly paced, this is a book to treasure. . . . To a person, each character is wholly developed, and the trajectory of all the chaotically intersecting lives moves forward. Ms. Lively attends to these with great care, and with every detail and keenly observed moment, the reader accrues more information about where it all leads. There are consequences to missteps and random acts. . . . Three cheers for this gorgeous writing." -The Washington Times

"In this densely patterned novel . . . Lively reminds us how tentatively we actually control our fates. . . . How It All Began is a novel of the recession - as in previous books, Lively here describes social systems in addition to social lives - where money is practically a character on its own. . . . She observes how the 'strange notional movements' of world economies can 'wreck individual lives.' This novel shows that if minor events wreak major effects, so can grand systems shape our own small ends - and our beginnings, too." -San Francisco Chronicle

"With grace, wit and wisdom, Booker Prize winner Lively has crafted a highly readable tale about fates intersecting amid the chaos of modern life." -People

"Wonderful . . . British treasure Penelope Lively examines the effects of a seemingly random crime on a group of London acquaintances and strangers." -Marie Claire

"Lives intersect in unexpected and comical ways in this breezy, engrossing novel. . . . Lively infuses her motley cast of characters with a blend of pathos and sharp satire, and though How It All Began is light fare, this deftly paced novel remains compulsively readable throughout." -Entertainment Weekly

"This delightful, absorbing novel relies on a sophisticated and skillfully realized structure to introduce and then follow its endearingly ordinary characters. . . . The interdependency of the characters' lives, which they remain largely unaware of, builds intriguing momentum, and the pace quickens as the novel develops. Throughout, prolific Booker Prize-winning author Lively illustrates her knack for charming familiarity and just the right dash of surprise." -Publishers Weekly

"The ruling vision of master British novelist Lively's latest delectably tart and agile novel is the Butterfly Effect, which stipulates that 'a very small perturbation' can radically alter the course of events. . . . Throughout this brilliantly choreographed and surreptitiously poignant chain-reaction comedy of chance and change, Lively shrewdly elucidates the nature of history, the tunnel-visioning of pain and age, and the abiding illumination of reading, which so profoundly nourishes the mind and spirit." -Booklist (starred review)

"Explores the far-reaching effect of happenstance, as individual circumstances shift, lives change, and the known is perceived in an altogether new light. . . . Lively delivers her story about these intertwined lives with faultless dexterity, sly humor, keen insight, and deft economy . . . A feel-good masterpiece that will delight faithful fans as well as those new to the work of this consummate storyteller." -Library Journal (starred review)

"Whatever your age, How it All Began is a splendid tonic." -The Telegraph

"Lively is now nearly 80 but, as How It All Began shows, there is no diminution in her skills. It is an autograph work in which she shuffles her familiar topics as adroitly and satisfyingly as ever." -The Financial Times

"More stylish than many writers half her age . . . Lively knows a thing of two about storytelling. Her veteran understanding of the function of narrative in our lives is impressive but lightly worn. . . . Her candour is refreshing, and reminds us that you don't have to lie to yourself to live life finely until the very end." -The Times (London)

"As always, Lively has a precise control of the comic, and an ear for dialogue honed over more than 40 years of writing." -The Independent on Sunday

"Lively remains a sublime storyteller. . . . She has us riveted with curiosity as to what will happen next, yet also keeps us consistently aware of the nature of the illusion." -The Guardian

"A deftly constructed, always enjoyable novel." -The Sunday Times

"Approaching her 80th year, Lively's sense of humour lives up to her name. . . . Whatever your age, How It All Began is a splendid topic." -The Sunday Telegraph

"A kaleidoscopic picture that disintegrates and then reassembles itself, in a manner that is surprising and completely satisfying . . . Lively's style has a beautiful economy, and she can be wickedly funny. . . . This is classic Penelope Lively-deeply comical, essentially kind-hearted, wonderfully written and seasoned with a rare wisdom." -The Literary Review

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